Ultimate Sudoku - The Emperor's Challenge

Ultimate Sudoku - The Emperor's Challenge 1.0

Ultimate Sudoku -The Emperor's Challenge is an exciting puzzle game
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Ultimate Sudoku -The Emperor's Challenge is the second installment of the sequel which challenging puzzle games that require all your logic to solve them. For those who never have played sudoku, let me explain you that the game is played on a lattice board divided into boxes that consists of a certain number of columns and rows. Some boxes have initial number, symbols or letters called clues that help you find the remaining ones. All of the squares must contain a symbol, number o letter, and they can only be used once in any column, box, or row. The game enables you to create your own puzzles and also print or email them to solve them whenever and wherever you want. It even includes Solution Helper that help you solve newspapers and magazines games to improve your friends and coworkers. The game includes seven games modes (Beat the Clock, Symbol Sudoku, Arcade Sudoku, etc) that feature different levels of difficulty. Ultimate Sudoku is excellent to train your brain and keep it healthy or simply to kill some time while you are on the train, bus or wherever you want. It supports Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cool graphics. Great variety of options and game modes. Allows you to print and email the games


  • Plain backgrounds. Does not support Vista
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